Topic outline

  • Introduction

    Thank you for visiting the UTZ Academy Online and welcome to this course. Two people know more than one! And that also applies for trainers. Have you ever experienced that your training results differed from what you had in mind initially? Was it something you could have prevented in your preparation? Or was it the dynamics of the group that lead to undesired outcomes? Peer coaching can be a great way to work through whatever is troubling you with your training course.

    Bounce ideas off a trusted thinking partner and feel free to ask him/her for feedback on your script and resources. In order to assure you a great learning experience the UTZ Academy training courses are designed according to blended learning principles. That's why we have set up this online course, to support the coaching sessions with your fellow trainers that you will do in person soon.

    The best way to follow this course is by going through the sections and activities in the vertical order they are presented to you. We wish you a great learning adventure!
    • Get started!

      Who? This course is especially designed for trainers that have followed the course: Training Methodologies (TFT101 or TFT102), and would like to continue the experience of the peer coaching they had during the "mini-training" demonstration with one fellow trainer.

      Why? Being a trainer is a continuous learning experience and every time the same training course turns out differently. Everybody, even the most experienced trainers need advice from their peers to face some situations, to choose an effective methodology, etc.

      What? This course, the tips and the checklists are designed mostly for trainers to give each other feedback on their training courses, on specific parts of the script, methods, implementation ways, etc.

      When? For this type of coaching to be the most effective we advise you to start the coaching sessions when the trainer requesting the coaching has already a detailed draft of his/her training course and his/her course in the UTZ Academy online contains most resources (script, materials and checklists for participants, etc).

      • What is coaching?

        Before your start you might want to dive more in what coaching is and what is the best way to do it.

        Please check the videos and tips below.

      • Steps for peer to peer coaching for trainers

        How is the UTZ Academy peer to peer coaching set up?

        Both parties have a checklist in this course to guide them through the process.

      • Share your thoughts!

        Have you benefit from the peer-to-peer coaching sessions? Share your thoughts, comments and questions.

      • Survey

        For the UTZ Academy to continuously improve this course, a follow-up survey from all participants is highly appreciated. Below you will find a very short survey that you as a coach and as a coachee are requested to fill out. The right moment to do so is at the end of your coaching, after step 3 "Feedback steps" of the checklist. Your response and time is greatly appreciated. Thank you!