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  • Introduction

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    Welcome to the "Introduction to Integrated Pest Management" course for farmers, Technical Assistants and Service providers who would like to learn more about our approach for Integrated Pest Management and how to apply their knowledge in their training courses and implementation at field / cooperatives level.
    In this course you will learn about our sustainable approach when it comes to Integrated Pest management (IPM) through interactive videos. 
    You have to watch the video entirely and answer the questions to be able to continue to the next section.


    This course is divided into 4 modules:

    - Introduction to IPM
    - Preventive Methods
    - Non-chemical control
    - Chemical Control.

    A module will become available as soon as the previous one is completed.
    In this course we always refer to the control points from the UTZ group code of conduct. These requirements are the same in the code of conduct for individual and multisite producers, but the control point numbering is different.

    Please use to menu on the right to navigate through the course.

    Evaluation and Grading: In order to pass the course, you will have to watch all video lectures, pass all quizzes (100% correct answers are required, although you have several tries), and complete the feedback form.

    The course will remain open until December 31st 2019.

    Expected workload: about 3 hours.