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  • Get inspired

    "Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn" - Benjamin Franklin 

    Are you a Technical Assistant or have you considered to become one? With our courses you can boost your business performance. Get inspired, join our programs and take your career to the next level. We wish you a great learning experience.

    The UTZ Academy Team

    Blended learning - A great experience - a great learning impact

    In order to give you a great learning experience the UTZ Academy applies a blended learning strategy. Some courses are designed to be taken online while others are delivered face 2 face where some content and instructions are delivered online.

    " Technology integration is not an event but a daily part of our training courses" 

    • Introduction Integrated Pest Management

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      In this E-course you will learn about our sustainable approach when it comes to Integrated Pest management (IPM) through interactive videos. This course is divided into 4 modules:
      - Introduction to IPM
      - Preventive Methods
      - Non-chemical control
      - Chemical Control

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      Type: E-course | Length: 3 hours | Code: IPM101

      • Fundamentals of Training

        New discoveries about the way adults learn and changing expectations from trainees makes training for trainers essential.  Whether you've been training for a while or never trained before, this free online course is specifically designed for trainers that are looking for ways to improve their training journey.

        * Find out how people learn differently and when to apply which training methodology.
        * Get access to interactive collaboration tools, energizers, brain teasers and Ice-breakers.

        * Meet hundreds of other trainers and discover what to do next on your path to the mastery of training principles.

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        Type: E-course - Open access | |Length: 6 hours | Code: FOT101

        • Peer to peer coaching for trainers

          Two people know more than one and that also applies for trainers. Have you ever had that your training result differed from what you had in mind initially? Was it something you could have prevented in your script? Or was it the dynamics of...

          * Get tools to have an effective coaching session with your coachee.

          * Partner up and get feedback on your training script and face-2-face training course

          * Learn from each other, set goals and hold each other accountable.

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          Type: E-course - Open access | Length: 1 hour | Code: PTP102

          Condition: TFT102: Training Methodologies

          • Training methodologies

            Being a trainer is one of the greatest professions in the world. Contributing to the development of peoples lives gives a great sense of fulfillment. And at the same time being challenged in every course can be a tough experience. You may sometimes even wonder why you decided to become a trainer in the first place. The good news is that...

            * Learn to deal with group dynamics and increase and decrease the energy level of your participants when you want.

            * Understand findings from brain research and discuss the implications of the application of NLP techniques in training courses.

            * Explore learning styles of Kolb, take a test and apply the theory in your course.


            Type: Face-2-Face | Length: 4 days | Code: TFT102

            • Code of conduct

              With the implementation of the Code of conduct, UTZ wants to contribute to a better farming of commodities for a better future. Learn about this internationally recognized set of criteria for the socially and environmentally responsible production of coffee. And see how it is applied in the different...

              * Understand the structure of both the UTZ Code of Conduct (Core Code) and the Product Specific Module.

              * Learn how the UTZ Code of Conduct is applied to producer group level and at individual producer level.

              * Get familiar with the topics of the UTZ Theory of Change (UTZ wheel) on farm level.


              Type: Face-2-Face | Length: 3 days | Code: COC101