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    Thank you for visiting the UTZ Academy Online. On this page you will find information to help you successfully understand the online traceability system which is part of the Good Inside PortalWe recommend to go through the sections in the order they appear. 

    1. What is the Good Inside Portal (GIP)?

    2. Why use the traceability system?

    3. Which products need to be reflected in the traceability system?

    4. How to use the traceability system?

    5. Where to find help?

    • 1. What is the Good Inside Portal (GIP)?

      The Good Inside Portal in an online platform that all registered UTZ members can enter. 

      Registered members have access to our member directory, FAQ and download section, plus the online labeling approval system. 

      Once members are certified and/or have an active license, they can also enter our online traceability system.

      member area

      • 2. Why use the traceability system?

        By using the traceability system we can assure that UTZ certified end products are linked to sustainably produced crops. The traceability system makes it possible that UTZ certified pure products are followed through the whole supply chain. 

        The UTZ logo on the final product package is a proof for consumers that their favourite products have been sourced in a responsible way. The use of the traceability system to reflect the purchase and sales of UTZ certified pure products is mandatory to comply with the rules of the Chain of Custody Standard.

        Sustainable Supply Chain

        • 3. Which products need to be reflected in the traceability system?

          The following pure products are available in the traceability system:

          If your company buys, sells or processes any of the above mentioned pure UTZ certified products, you will need to reflect this in the traceability system. How to do so, you can read in section 4.

          Please be aware that if your company is processing pure products into extracts, aromas or colors and/or is mixing the pure products with other ingrdients (e.g. sugar, milk), you will need to use the TRACE functionality in the online traceability system to reflect this.

          If your company purchases UTZ certified extracts, aromas, colors and/or UTZ certified products mixed with other ingredients, this cannot be reflected in the traceability system and therefore needs to be reported via your own administration.

          • 4. How to use the system?

            In the downloads' section of the GIP, UTZ offers extensive training material explaining the use of the online traceability system:

            • Quick start guide traceability system (available in several languages)
            • Training manual member area (available in several languages)

            The training manual covers the following subjects:

            • Introduction to the member area
            • Performing trading and stock activities
            • Managing transactions
            • Managing your settings

            We also offer a number of recordings of the webinar focusing on how to use the traceability system.  Please be aware that the use of the traceability system in coffee and tea is very similar as the same functionalities apply. 

            Recording  Commodity Language Link to video
            Cocoa traceability - GIP into practice Webinar Cocoa English
            Hazelnut traceability - GIP into practice Webinar Hazelnut English 
            Webinaire sur GIP pour membres du Programme Cacao Cocoa French 

            To learn more about the online labeling approval system, please have a look at this

            • 5. Where to find help

              If you have remaining questions on this topic and how to use the traceability system, please contact us via the following channels:

              • e-mail:
              • phone (Coffee/Tea): +31 20 820 8958
              • phone (Cocoa/Hazelnut): +31 20 820 8965
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