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 Cadena de Custodia-Expo Café-Lima
CHL101 Chain of custody: Labeling
Face2Face es
Perú (Pe)
  Los Olivos, Lima 2019 06 25 / 25              Guillermo Claverias

 How to work with GIP/ Chain Of Custody
TRO 201 How to work with GIP Cocoa
Face2Face fr
Côte d'Ivoire (Ci)
  Abidjan 2019 09 11 / 12              Sylvain Kouamé

 MTT and Thematic topic Training
MTT101 Online certification handling in MultiTrace
Workshop en
Tanzania (Tz)
  Tanzania- Moshi 2019 06 24 / 28              Mark Njeru

 Choc Training for Adwumapa Buyers
TRA102 Introduction to the basics of traceability
APE101 Audit exemption
CRA101 Credit account
MMO101 Mass balance Cocoa
TRO 201 How to work with GIP Cocoa
Face2Face en
Ghana (Gh)
  Adwumapa Buyers Head Office, Kumasi 2019 03 4 / 5              Maurice