Introduction to Training

"I have sat through a fair number of workshops that were so deathly boring that the only thing I have learned is how to pass the time until the next tea break." Do you recognize this? And have you ever wondered how this can improved? Then the first step is to follow this course for getting a basic feel on how learning activities can be fun and effective, hence more valuable. 


The objectives

* Understand how to identify training needs.
* Learn how to set objectives and when to apply participatory training methods.
* Identify your target groups and learn to differentiate between workshops, training courses, presentations, webinars and online learning. 
* Explore didactics and methodologies to be used in UTZ training courses.


The program

Day 1: - Knowledge, Skills and Attitude, - Training needs assessment, - Participatory training methods 

Day 2: - Identify target groups, - Curricula, - Courses and subjects,

Participants and groupsize

This course is meant for services providers, trainings coordinators, national extension services training coordinators and some key individual consultants more involving in UTZ Certified implementation. The group size is between 12-18.


All participants that completed successfully the training course receive a certificate.

Materials and assignments

Your trainer will enrol you to the corresponding online course. There you will have access to all the relevant resources. 

Entry level and other courses

This course is meant for people that have a basic understanding of training courses.

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