Code of conduct

With the implementation of the Code of conduct, UTZ wants to contribute to a better farming and a better future. Learn about this internationally recognized set of criteria for the socially and environmentally responsible production of cocoa, coffee, hazelnut, rooibos and tea. And see how it is applied in the different stages of cultivation and production


The objectives

* Understand the structure of both the UTZ Code of Conduct (Core Code) and the Product Specific Module.
* Learn how the UTZ Code of Conduct is applied to producer group level and at individual producer level.
* Get familiar with the topics of the UTZ Theory of Change (UTZ wheel) on farm level.

The program

Day 1:

  • Learn and experience about Block B - Good Agricultural practices
  • Learn and experience about Block D - Environment

Day 2:

  • Learn and experience about Block A - Management
  • Learn and experience about Block C - Working Conditions
  • Learn and experience about the Crop Specific Module
  • Benefits of the UTZ Code of Conduct for farmers

Day 3:

  • Learn and experience about main Non-Conformities farmers
  • Intro Adult learning cycle
  • Learn and experience training methodologies for adults

Participants and groupsize

This course is meant for associate trainers of the UTZ Academy involved in UTZ Certified implementation that want to enrol their courses through the UTZ Academy online. The group size is between 12-18.


All participants that completed successfully the training course receive a certificate.

Materials and assignments

Your trainer will enrol you to the corresponding online course. There you will have access to all the relevant resources. At the end of the training you will have access to the training courses that you can enrol to your participants.

Entry level and other courses

This course is meant for trainers that have understanding of applications and tools.

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