Reporting in the UTZ Certified program


The objectives

* Understand why UTZ ask Certification Bodies to report details about the certified producers and compliance ( the exact information that needs to be reported and what is done with the information). 
* Understand why report have been changed, also what have been changed and which new questions have been included.
* Know which information you need to collect in order to report.


> The program

Module 1 - Introduction to reporting
Module 2 - Main changes
Module 3 - How to collect information

Participants and groupsize

This course is meant for certifiers and scheme managers who are involved in auditing the UTZ Code of Conduct.
The group size is not set for E-courses.


All participants that completed successfully the training course receive a certificate and are awarded with a badge.

Materials and assignments

You can self-enroll into the E-course. There you will have access to all the relevant resources.

Entry level and other courses

This course is meant for people that work with the UTZ standards.

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