Auditing practices Supply chain


The objectives

* Learn the differences between the traceability levels in the UTZ program.
* Learn the use and functionalities of the UTZ Chain of Custody Checklist. 
* How to prepare and conduct a Chain of Custody audit for different commodities.


The program

Module 1 - Introduction
Module 2 - Traceability levels
Module 3 - Chain of custody audit
Module 4 - Coffee and tea custody audit
Module 5 - Cocoa and/ or hazelnuts  chain of custody
Module 6 - UTZ claims

Participants and groupsize

This course is meant for auditors and certifiers who are involved in auditing to the UTZ standards.
The group size is not set for E-courses.


All participants that completed successfully the training course receive a certificate and are awarded with a badge.

Materials and assignments

You can self-enroll into the E-course. There you will have access to all the relevant resources.

Entry level and other courses

This course is meant for people that work with the UTZ standards.

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